Impact SMS Text Messaging

We offer a variety of messaging types to fit your needs

Messaging services are an important part of the growing telecommunications marketplace. Companies are finding it necessary to use SMS for multiple application scenarios, including emergency messaging, notifications, marketing and advertising communications, and much more. SMS text messaging is the optimal messaging type for important, time-sensitive information that requires immediate attention and the highest available reliability.

Impact Global Mobility Solutions provides SMS termination services in the U.S. and Canada as well as to more than 850 mobile operators worldwide over 6 billion domestic and international enterprise and service provider customers. Gain access to the fastest, most reliable form of communication!

SMS routing and messaging options include:

One-way global messaging

2-way global messaging

U.S. and Canada short codes

International long codes

International short codes

One-way international A2P routes

Global P2P routes

Messaging Types

Options available for one-way global messaging, two-way global interactive messaging, one-way bulk A2P traffic, A2P (Application-to-Person), P2P (Person-to- Person), and M2M (Machine-to-Machine).

Supported protocols

Connect via standard and legacy protocols such as SMPP, HTTP(S), SMTP, CMID2, MM7, MM4, UCP, XML, SOAP, and more.


Our platform supports multiple price points and multiple currency billing.


Detailed delivery reporting with local time stamp available depending on service type.

Features and Benefits:

  • Global coverage
  • Simple pricing models
  • Flexible SMS billing solutions
  • 2-way interactive messaging
  • Content localization
  • Full compliance with carrier and MMA guidelines
  • Short code provisioning in the U.S. and Canada